Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July Abroad

We had a big hike planned for this Fourth of July morning, but pouring rain woke me up after 5 AM, and the rain didn't stop for hours. It was unprecedented, as it is dry season and hasn't rained hardly a drop since I got here! So, instead of hiking, My friend Sarah and I did like US Americans do and shopped the entire day. I bought so many great things! We went to various markets, got lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, and explored areas of Cusco where tourists didn't visit. As in, markets with mud and blood covering the sidewalks and people sawing open goat's severed heads! I also tried some dubious street chicha for 1 Sol. 

Afterwards, after we had dropped our plunder off at our houses, we decided to head to a burger and barbecue place that our fellow students were going to (before they changed their minds at the last minute). We sipped on 2 for 1 Caipirinhas, ate some excellent onion rings, and had burgers and barbecue. 

We were very tired afterwards (the Caipirinhas didn't help), so we went home in preparation for our rescheduled hike early tomorrow morning... I'm going to bed now.

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