Where Have I Been?

Whoa, the time has passed! Ryan is coming tomorrow, and I still have not posted about many things. I will in due time. I've been very busy lately. I will explain:

So, after a month and a half of living with my host family, I decided to leave their home. I had a lot of problems with the host mother, so I packed my bags, left a note on my bed, and left. I don't want to go into too much detail, but my host mother was very controlling and demeaning and accused me of things I did not do. I felt uncomfortable in the home, and I finally decided to leave for a new host family where I could enjoy the last two weeks of the program.

This new host family has been great! They make me feel like a part of the family, and I feel comfortable being in the home. Meanwhile, I had been fulfilling my requirements for the service learning placement at the school. I made friends with teachers and got into the swing of things just to end so quickly! It is bittersweet that the program has to end so soon.

This week is going to be very special not only because Ryan arrives, but also because Peru is celebrating their independence. There are going to be parades and big celebrations. Speaking of, I got to march with my volunteer placement like a true Peruvian! Afterwards, all the teachers ate Chiriuchu (a vegetarian's worst nightmare) and drank booze courtesy of the school into the evening, and I got to dance Salsa with the director.

The kids of HVU in the plaza

Until next update...

¡Viva el PerĂº!


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